Nikon COOLPIX P300 12.2 CMOS Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX P300 12.2 CMOS Digital Camera with 4.2x f/1.8 NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and Full HD 1080p Video (Black) – Product Description:


Nikon COOLPIX P300 12.2 CMOS Digital CameraShed new light on your creativity with the fastest lens in a Nikon Coolpix camera with its new, wide angle, f/1.8 maximum aperture Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens.

The fastest lens ever in a Nikon Coolpix.

The Coolpix P300 digital camera does justice to your photographic talents with a 4.2x wide angle, F1.8 maximum aperture NIKKOR glass lens. This is the fastest lens Nikon has ever designed into a Coolpix camera—it offers a 24-100mm optical zoom range and impressive telephoto performance for razor-sharp images. Plus, its maximum aperture of F1.8 assures exceptional low-light results and minimum depth of field. This outstanding lens will showcase your skills whether you’re shooting portraits, panoramas, weddings, real estate, products, publicity stills, or any other challenging compositions—and will do so with still images or Full HD (1080p) movies. Simply put, this high-performance lens catches detailed images while displaying Nikon’s proud tradition of producing precision camera optics.

Manual control for the serious photographer.

The Coolpix P300 allows photographers to stretch their creative limits with an impressive range of manual control. There’s a Mode Dial for quick and convenient control over select settings, including shutter/aperture/programmed and manual exposure. Exposure Bracketing automatically brackets exposure for three shots. And the ISO can be set as high as 3200 at full resolution to control image quality in low-light conditions or when shooting fast moving subjects. The Coolpix P300 also features several new in-camera special effects, including High-Contrast Monochrome for sophisticated black and white shots. Nostalgic Sepia adds character and mood or creates shots with an antiqued look. In-camera editing functions such as Quick Retouch, and active D-Lighting restore detail and contrast. This camera comes with several filter effects like Painting, Fisheye, Miniature, and Cross Screen. You can also control


Product Features :

  • 12.2 -megapixel CMOS sensor for high speed operation and exceptional low-light performance.
  • 4.2x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR Glass Lens
  • 4-way VR Image Stabilization System
  • EXPEED C2 with enhanced image quality and processing speed
  • 3-inch Ultra-High Resolution (921,000-dot) Clear Color Display

Nikon COOLPIX P300 12.2 CMOS Digital Camera – Review:


Note: this review is for the layman–who wants to eventually learn to use manual features–but ends up using only auto-mod, so all you pros please don’t make too much fun of me.

I’m a father of a 2-year-old and I take lots of indoor shots and tons of video clips. My almost 3-year-old camera was a Canon SD790IS: 10 MP, 640p video (Yes, very low resolution but it never lost focus!), mono microphone.

Question: Is it too much to ask for a camera with great low-light abilities, Full HD video, a stereo microphone, and no removable lens cover? Apparently the answer was YES!

I bought a Canon SD4000IS but returned it because it couldn’t hold a focus in HD video mode. Not even on stationary objects using a tripod! Ridiculous!

My online search continued with finding cameras that had good video but too many megapixels (above 12 MP is bad) for a point-and-shoot, which made the pictures worse!

I eagerly awaited the reviews for the Canon SX230 but was devastated when I noticed blurring in some posted videos by infosyncworld.

I was even ready to shell out the big bucks for the Panasonic LX5 but it has a removable lens cover! Are you kidding me? I don’t have time to remove the cover before powering up.

So finally, this Nikon P300 comes along and it does everything I wanted! Finally! My 2-year search has ended!

The HD video is amazing! The focus stays sharp throughout. I don’t think I’ll be using the 1080p mode too often (I have a Canon VIXIA camcorder that records 1080p that I use for birthdays), 720p has made me very happy. Even the slow-motion mode can record in HD! Check out YouTube for cool slow-motion videos. A lot of new Canon models recently released can record in slow-motion but only very low quality, less than 640p.

Video mode records in 30-minute chunks, that’s enough for me. When recording in 720p, the camera’s LCD displays a countdown from 30 minutes going down instead of a counter going up. I find this useful, you’ll know how much time you have left. I need to read up more on this though, maybe different SD cards can record for longer.

Many professional reviewers scoffed that this camera did not have RAW Tiff capabilities. I don’t care that it doesn’t have RAW tiff. If I want RAW tiff, I’ll buy a DSLR in the future.

I like how the flash only pops up when you physically pop it up with a switch on the side. So far I don’t need it. The flash design is great, it allows you to place your left index finger right behind it when it’s raised. I didn’t like how some new Canons have a flash that automatically pops up each time you power it up. For shots where you don’t want a flash, you’d have to always fold the flash back down. Try imagine telling that a hundred times to friends: “yeah, turn it on, but push the flash back down, yeah, no, like this…” Annoying. Also, too many moving parts just seem more cumbersome and more likely to break.

Some minor complaints:
1. When importing pictures onto my Mac, I have to manually rotate the portrait shots. Canon did this automatically.
2. I have to charge the battery in the camera. I can purchase an external charger but that’s another $30. Plus I hear the charger has a long cord instead of a flip-out 2-prong design like the Canon chargers.

I love the design, the dials are sturdy, the record video button is very helpful. Buy it! you’ll love it!



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