Nissin ND622MKII-N Speedlite Di 622 Mark II Flash System for Nikon (Black)

Nissin ND622MKII-N Speedlite Di 622 Mark II Flash System for Nikon (Black) – Product Description:

Nissin ND622MKII-N Speedlite Di 622 Mark II Flash System for Nikon (Black)CLIP SHOOT 1. Clip it on the camera. 2. Switch it on. 3. Release the shutter button. The flash fires and its light is automatically controlled by the camera + flash TTL dedicated system. EVERY OPPORTUNITY Many photographers think of using a flash only at night or in poor lighting. However, a flash can be very useful in daylight too. Eliminate the shade under trees. Use fill-in lighting to sharpen the subject. Address catchlight in the eyes, and stop motion. Emphasize the lighting contrast. Enjoy more opportunities to use your flash. FIRMWARE UPDATE Tired of your flash no longer working whenever a new camera comes onto the market ? A firmware upgrade service is available for the Di622 , which provides a service terminal to upload the latest software. A charge for the firmware update service will apply, varying depending on the area. Please check at your local dealer for details about the update service. COMPATIBILITY Please check the compatibility chart. KEY FEATURES TTL FLASHDi622 MARK II is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL, E-TTLII system, and Nikon’s i-TTL system. Those new digital TTL flash systems control the flash light with greater precision and stability. BOUNCE FLASHThe flash beam covers the frame from 14mm (with a wide angle diffuser built-in) to 70mm of the digital lens. For a longer lens, the flash head reflector position stays at 70mm.It turns 90 degrees upward and 270 degrees horizontally for bounce lighting. The flash head also stores a small reflection panel for fill-in shots. The focal length for the traditional SLR camera is to be multiplied b a factor of 1.5. WIRELESS REMOTE FLASH Di622 Mark II has a wireless remote flash system as a slave unit. You can enjoy creative flash photography with multiple lightings from the various directions. There are 3 slave modes provided. Slave Digital (SD): Di622 Mark II synchronizes to the pre-flash system. The master flash is to be set at TTL (E-TTL for Canon and i-TTL

Product Features :

  • i-TTL Compatible
  • Wirless Remote Channel 1 Group A
  • Dual Program Slave Mode
  • External Synchro. Socket
  • Zoom head with built in wide angle diffuser and boounce card

Nissin ND622MKII-N Speedlite Di 622 Mark II Flash System for Nikon (Black) – Review:


For the price one pays for this flash versus Canon-branded flash, this is an excellent buy! Saw a couple of people doing detailed reviews on this – have to agree that it is quite a powerful flash. Tried it in wireless TTL mode – it works in a simple but reliable way!

Was thinking of buying the 430 EX-II, but glad I bought this Nissin 622 Mk-II. No LCD – not a problem given the ease of the various buttons to set the flash.

Two things that could be better – mode selection with different colored LED status is not so good (your finger covered the LED color), and the thin pouch (don’t think this will prevent scratches on the flash). The stand comes with a tripod nut below (which you can mount), and with the $ saved, I can look out for a better protective pouch!

Saw the cheaper YN flashes, but detailed reviews showed the actual flash power is lower than the published GN. Not this Nissin flash – come across 3 independent reviewers that all showed actual flash power is higher than published GN.



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