Opteka BD-100 12″ Beauty Dish / 10″ Snoot Professional Studio Portrait Kit for Speedlight Flashes

Opteka BD-100 12″ Beauty Dish / 10″ Snoot Professional Studio Portrait Kit for Speedlight Flashes – Product Description:

Opteka BD-100 12" Beauty DishThe Opteka BD-100 12″ Beauty Dish / 10″ Snoot Portrait Kit for speedlights is the perfect all-in-one kit for studio, portrait and fashion photographers who desire a smooth, soft and even light distribution. Use the provided Speedlight Bracket to attach the Beauty Dish and Snoot to a standard tripod or light stand with ¼” or 3/8″ threads.

The Opteka BD-100 12″ Beauty Dish can be used in 5 different configurations. The BD-100, when used independently, provides the perfect soft light source for portraits. Attach the diffuser with the provided spring clips to the middle of the beauty dish for even softer light or use the reflector for a powerful, but soft light without the worries of hot-spotting. Mount the Honeycomb Grid to alter the shape, direction and intensity of the light output. For a soft and uniform light spread, just slip on the Softbox Dish Cover, perfect for shadow definition and close up photography.

The Speedlight Bracket allows quick and easy change to the Opteka 10″ Snoot to narrow the spread of the light from the flash head. The 10″ Snoot can help achieve a spotlight look without the need of expensive studio strobes. For more intense and defined narrowing, simply attach the honeycomb grid to the end of the snoot. The honeycomb grid provides extremely accurate light control to provide more detail, shadows and highlights in your subjects.

Product Features :

  • Includes: Speedlight Bracket, 10″ Snoot, Honeycomb Grid cover for 10″ snoot, Beauty Dish, Diffuser for Beauty Dish, Reflector for Beauty Dish, Honeycomb Grid for Beauty Dish, Softbox Cover for Beauty Dish
  • Fits all standard tripods and light stands
  • Provides soft light perfect for portrait and fashion photography
  • Takes just seconds to set up and swap configurations
  • 1 Year Warranty

Opteka BD-100 12″ Beauty Dish / 10″ Snoot Professional Studio Portrait Kit for Speedlight Flashes – Customer Review:


I unpacked and ran my set through a test drive last night. I was impressed by the quality of construction and functionality, especially for the price I paid ($79.95). Set up was straightforward and the beauty dish mounted securely onto a light stand with a Manfrotto tilt attachment. You’ll need a male end screw attachment on light stand or tripod, the same size as the screw that mounts a camera on a tripod. The provided bracket was large enough and adjustable enough to hold a Canon 580EX speedlite mounted onto a Phottix Odin radio trigger—I did have to reverse the knob of the mounting screw to make sure the flash head reached the mouth of the beauty dish. The beauty dish provided a broad, even, slightly hard light with a gentle drop off. There was no doughnut hole in the center. The honeycomb narrowed the light pattern significantly, and produced a much sharper drop off that I found very pretty and dramatic. The box everything comes in seemed to show the metal reflector mounted with the concave side facing out rather than back into the flash head, so I tried the dish that way and it worked fine; it actually seemed to reduce the amount of flash power needed to achieve the same lighting level on the subject. The plastic, translucent reflector produces a warmer light than the metal reflector and slightly reduces the flash power needed, but the honeycomb won’t fit well into the dish with the plastic reflector, and it just takes a temperature adjustment in Photoshop to warm or cool the light from the dish. I like the portability of this 12″ dish, as opposed to a 23″ dish—it’s still bulky, but it will fit in a backpack for travel. All in all, I think this is good gear at a reasonable price. The only downside I can see with this kit is the possibility of losing some of the tiny springs that attach the reflectors to the inside of the dish–you get two sets, but if you drop one in the wrong place it will be tough to find.



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