Optoma HD33, 1080p, 3D Projector

Optoma HD33, 1080p, 3D Projector – Product Description:

Optoma HD33, 1080p, 3D ProjectorThe Optoma HD33 High Definition 1080p 3D DLP Projector integrates must-have features that allow users to project images of up to 300 inches without investing in a more-expensive, smaller-screened television. The Optoma HD33 High Definition 1080p 3D DLP Projector is bright at 1800 ANSI lumens and delivers clear images with a contrast ratio of 4000:1.

Product Features :

  • Bright at 1800 ANSI lumens and contrast ratio of 4000:1
  • 3D-capable for Blu-ray and gaming consoles
  • Up to 300-inch screen size for large group viewing
  • Features Texas Instruments 1080p DLP chipset
  • PureMotion image processing ensures smooth, judder-free images

Optoma HD33, 1080p, 3D Projector – Review:


Just received my HD33 Saturday Sept. 3rd. I was not sure how good the 3D would look, now I cant believe how good this projector is. 2D images are very good, it reminds me the Sony I have and will continue to use it for regular movies, VPL-AW10, got this one back in 2007 it has 1024 hrs on the lamp, and it is still looking Very Good, I should change the lamp when reaches maybe 2000 hrs.
Back to the HD33, this is my second 3D pj, got last dec.2010 the LG BX327, but never liked, bad image contrast ratio, poor 2d, poor 3d and 4:3 native, just bad. I think it will be going to the trash tomorrow.
The HD33 is amazing! The 3D quality is impressive. I tested it in several movies I have and they came out excellent.
The unit is solid, and much better than from the pictures I’ve seen.
I was thinking to get the Sony 3D projector or the Panasonic model, but I am glad that I chose this one.
It will work just fine with the DLP Link glasses, I prefer this one over the RF glasses. I’ve tried those in the past, just couldn’t bear the flickering, you wont see flickering on the DLP link ones.
When watching movies remember to turn the PureMotion off, it will give a more natural look to the movie. The PureMotion was meant for sports, races, otherwise your movie will look “speedy”, the ” soap opera effect .”
About brightness, in 3D mode images are perfect, did not think it was dim at all. You are able to control the brightness level as you like it, without living the movie!
Well, I am very happy with Optoma HD33, and would recommend to anyone considering a 3D Home Theater Projector.
I will be getting an Extended Service Warranty, 3 or 4 years would be reasonable, just in case.




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