Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera with ZINK (Zero Ink) Printing Technology

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera with ZINK (Zero Ink) Printing Technology – Product Description:

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital CameraPolaroid’s Z340 Instant Digital Camera melds together the joy of an instant Polaroid and the convenience of digital. With no ink, no computer, and no hassles, the Z340 prints out 3 x 4″ full color images. You can add fun borders, including the classic Polaroid border logo format, and upload custom borders that express your unique style. The camera boasts a resolution of 14Mp for clear, bright pictures with that Polaroid look. A 2.7″ LCD on the top of the camera allows you to see the image before you print. You can even crop and make other edits before printing the image. Files also store to SD memory cards for archiving and in-camera editing, if you so choose.

Product Features :

  • Camera Features: 14Mp digital camera
  • 2.7″ bright color LCD for viewing images
  • SD compatible for expanded memory
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Integrated Printer Features Snap, print, share – no computer connections needed
  • 3 x 4″ full color prints
  • Smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant, photos
  • No ink. No hassles. No ink cartridges or ribbons to throw away
  • View and crop images on camera before printing
  • Option to print date, file number
  • Add fun borders to your photo including the Classic Polaroid Border logo format
  • Upload custom borders
  • Automatically save photos to camera or SD card for downloading
  • Prints in under a minute
  • Print up to 60 photos per full battery charge

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera with ZINK (Zero Ink) Printing Technology – Review:


If you will Hand a ZINK printer to one of your parents and they¡¯ll probably look at you dumbfounded. Hand a Polaroid camera to them, though, and they¡¯ll know instantly what to do with it. Polaroid, a company that killed off one of their core product offerings to make way for the digital revolution, is finally back with a device that mimics the original form factor of the Polaroid camera yet marries the printer tech of today.
This Polaroid Z340 that I just got is an Instant Digital Camera works like a standard 14 megapixel digital point and shoot camera, allowing you to view photos instantly on the 2.7-inch screen as well as make small edits. Photos can be downloaded to a computer from its SD card or you can print them instantly using the device¡¯s built-in printer. The size of the prints, 3¡Á4¡å, are the same exact size as the first Polaroid camera, which means those with a taste for nostalgia, or perhaps even an aversion to new tech, will instantly understand the offering of this digital camera. The printer, unlike Polaroid¡¯s original camera, uses a tech called ZINK ¨C it stands for Zero Ink. In other words, no ink is used to process the image, and instead depends on an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside. Heat those crystals and an image appears that will last for time to come thanks to a smudge proof tech and a water resistant coating.



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