Ravelli Professional 65″ Ball Head Camera Video Photo Tripod

Ravelli Professional 65″ Ball Head Camera Video Photo Tripod with Quick Release Plate and Carry Bag – Product Description:

Ravelli Professional 65" Ball Head Camera Video Photo TripodThe Ravelli APGL5 is a Professional Quality Tripod providing a solid base for high-end photographic equipment. This model is made from Aluminum to create a light weight and sturdy tripod. The ball head provides smooth adjustments to any angle. The center column is gearless and the legs can be inverted for low angle shots or compact storage. Dual foam grips, quick release leg locks, a quick release camera plate and rubber feet complete a very nice light weight tripod.

Product Features :

  • Light Weight Aluminum Reversible Legs
  • Ball Head with Removable Plate for Camera
  • Heavy Duty Carry Bag
  • Height Adjustable Center Colum
  • Total Tripod Weight is less than 4 LBS (3.5LBS)

Ravelli Professional 65″ Ball Head Camera Video Photo Tripod – Review:


I bought a Ravelli once before which I love, but I was in the market for a ball-head type tripod. Then I noticed they have two new ball-head type models – one aluminum and one carbon fiber. I decided to go with this model as opposed to the carbon fiber model simply because of price, although I was a little unsure of the quality because of the lack of reviews. Well I just received my new APGL5 and all I can say is WOW! This tripod is way better than others I have seen in the stores or online for more money. Now I wish I would have spent a little extra money for the carbon fiber model. This tripod is well made with quality materials and should really cost more compared to other tripods I’ve researched.

Cool features-
-The ball head is an aluminum alloy with a semi-gloss shine giving it a sleek design look. It’s rated to hold up to 17lbs. I shoot with a Canon 50d and 70-200mm IS, which is no problem for this tripod. The ball head pans horizontally super smooth. It can be used for video as well, just doesn’t have a long handle. The ball head is also removable and replaceable too with the standard 3/8″ screw.
– The legs are stable up to the 65″ height but you can use some weight like a camera bag on the included center column hook to give it even better vibration reduction for super sharp images.
-The twist locks on the legs are a nonslip rubber that securely lock the non-rotating legs in place. I can easily grab one leg and unlock all three rubber locks with one turn, making it very simple to extend and retract.
-The legs also invert all the way around to give you a very compact tripod for storage and also protects the head from damage and scratches. It’s also great for placing the camera inches from the ground for steady macro photography or just getting low angle shots. It fits perfectly on the side of my backpack with it inverted.
-The weight of the tripod feels just right. I can easily take it anywhere without feeling like I’m lugging around a few bricks.
-Included carry bag is decent and will protect your tripod. The bag material is pretty thick and will take some abuse. The zippers are usually made small and cheap but not this one, this zipper is large and zips up smooth and free of snags.
-Bonus included free gift tripod- I can use this for my point and shoot camera or give it away as a gift. It is a bonus FREE gift that is actually usable. Sure it’s cheap and made of plastic and thin aluminum, but again its FREE, I’m sure I can find some use for it like table top product shots or throwing it in a backpack for hiking or something.

Other features-
-The head has a built in bubble level if you need one. Personally, I never really use a bubble level. I just use the horizon or a wall for reference. Even if it’s a little off you can very easily fix in any photo program.
-The quick release plate could be a little bigger for more support under my camera, but I guess that would add more weight and cost to the head. The quick release plate Does come with a separate safety button which I really like so that your gear does not accidently come crashing on the floor when the plate is loosened. I would rather have this feature and peace of mind and spend two extra seconds to depress the button than to have my camera and lens in pieces on the ground.

Overall, this is a well made tripod well worth the money and equipped with some great features found in more expensive models. The price is unbelievable for what you really get in this tripod. My next purchase will be Ravelli’s carbon fiber tripod.



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