SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod with Panhead

SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod with Panhead – Product Description:

SLIK PRO 700DX ProfessionalSLIK’s exclusive A.M.T. super titanium alloy legs make the PRO 700 DX tripod rock steady yet lighter than it looks. The A.M.T. alloy has a 40% greater strength to weight ration than standard aluminum, meaning the legs are lighter weight yet stronger than the standard metal used in most of today’s tripods. Capable of handling the weight of large format (4×5) field cameras or heavy, long telephoto lenses, The PRO 700 DX offer professional photographers and advanced amateurs the strength and stability they need while its size, and the use of A.M.T. alloy, make it lighter weight and more portable than THE PROFESSIONAL series. A tripod should be easy to use, so that that you spend more time concentrating on your photography than you do your equipment. The PRO 700 DX makes setting up easy with secure yet fast speed release leg locks, gearless center column, and 3 position adjustable angle leg locks for easy set up on uneven ground or steps. The adjustable angle locks combined with the PRO 700 DX Short Column (optional accessory) allow the tripod to be lowered to just 15 inches for very low angle, or macro photography in the field. The included PRO 700 DX all-metal 3-way pan head has one of the fasted and easiest to use quick release plates in the industry. SLIK made a circular quick release plate that can secure the camera to the tripod pointing in any direction, making attaching your camera (once the SLIK quick release plate is attached) more intuitive than most other heads that have squared off or angled plates.Value, today it’s more important then ever. Compare the price and features of the PRO 700 DX to other manufacturers’ professional camera supports and you will see that dollar for dollar and feature for feature, this is one of the best values in a professional tripod available.

Product Features :

  • Height\ 24 2/5 – 74 4/5″
  • Weight\ 7 lbs.
  • AMT alloy legs for an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio

SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod with Panhead – Review:


I bought this tripod based on reviews I read on the net, and was not led astray at all. The Pro 700DX is well made, very sturdy, very tall, and light for it’s overall size. It is made with high quality, black powder coat castings. The main casting tying the legs together is built with very clever, well made 3 position leg angle locks that are all metal in construction, lock in place with authority, and are simple to operate with with one hand. There is nothing in the way of cheesy parts anywhere on this tripod. It reeks of “pro-gear” quality and feel.

The pan head is rated for 15 pounds of equipment, and though the tripod itself can carry much more weight, the combination is a nice one. The pan head has nice controls, has two useful bubble levels built in, is built to high standards, and utilizes the Slik “Quick Shoe” system to full advantage. I have used many tripod systems over the decades, and have used many quick release plates as they came to market. Nobody has come up with a system that can beat the round plate system that Slik has on the market now. Not even the expensive European brands. It is secure. A camera or flash can be mounted in seconds even in total darkness,and the camera or accessory can be rotated on the head a full 360 degrees while securely locked onto the head, and before snapping the position locking tab shut. I bought 3 additional quick shoes that now live on my camera bodies, and long lenses. There is nothing else like it.

Ball head fans (I’m one) can swap out the pan-tilt head for the Slick ball head 800, or any other ball head on the market in about a minute. Both the standard and short center columns come with reversible threaded studs to handle most heads that might interest you.

The legs and center column are rather large diameter round units that have two lengthwise grooves built in to securely locate the leg sections, and keep them from twisting. It’s an elegent way to get the strength and light weight of round tripod legs, as well as the twist free virtues of box section legs. The legs and center column are made of a titanium alloy, and seem to be much more rigid, stronger, and lighter than common aluminum legs. The finish is nicer as well, and I expect a better service life from this alloy over aluminum parts.

One thing that the photo here does not show is the replaceable black foam sleeves that cover the top leg sections. They make for a nice feel, offer protection to the tripod when it’s bouncing around in the trunk of a car, probably damp a little vibration, and just plain look nice. The leg extension locks are typical high quality Slik quick action lever designs that are a pleasure to adjust. They are made of tough plastic, and if history is any indicator, they will last forever.

The best feature of this tripod for someone tall (I’m 6’5″) is it’s height. With the legs fully extended, and center column down, it is solid as a rock, and I can look through the viewfinder without bending into an uncomfortable position. With the column extended, I’d need a stepladder to look into the viewfinder. Based on internet reviews, I ordered the short center column when I bought the 700DX. It offers enough height to do any field work, is reversible like the standard column, and allows the tripod to get real low for solid macro work at ground level.

I simply can’t think of another tripod at twice the price that is built as tough, offers as many features, or anywhere near as much value as the 700DX for an SLR shooter. Carbon fiber is lighter, but costs more, and isn’t as durable. This tripod is an awesome value.



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