Sony HVLF20S Flash for Sony Nex Series

Sony HVLF20S Flash for Sony Nex Series – Product Description:

Sony HVLF20S FlashUnlike most external flash units, the HVL-F20S has no dedicated ON/OFF switch. Instead, power is automatically switched on simply by raising the flash unit into the shooting position. In addition, a switch on the side of the unit offers Indoor and Outdoor settings, making it easy to obtain flash illumination that suits the shooting situation. A charging lamp indicates when the flash is ready to fire.

Product Features :

  • Extends flash range beyond camera’s built-in flash
  • Bounce flash enables shadow less indirect lighting
  • TTL flash exposure automatically controlled by alpha DSLR
  • Easy intuitive operation
  • Ultra-compact design folds flat when not in use

Sony HVLF20S Flash for Sony Nex Series – Review:


Simple, easy to use flash as long as you’re not expecting professional results. From my 3 week experience this flash produces great results for the average user in indoor settings. Given that it’s for the NEX series of cameras, it’s definitely not meant for someone expecting complete control and professional results, but if you’re an average to above average photographer looking to boost the indoor (and even outdoor) performance of your NEX series camera, then this is a no-brainer. Compared to the $300-$400 and up flashes for DSLRs, you really can’t complain.

Given that, personally there is one nuance that I have a hard time getting over. I traded in my Canon T1i for a NEX-5 because it was the best all-around option for both my wife and myself. With the T1i I had a manual flash that I could adjust to take both vertical and horizontal photos. With this, if you want to use the flash in bounce mode, you’re stuck taking horizontal photos. This flash does not rotate. It would be great if Sony took care of this in a future version, or even made an adapter, but for now it’s not too big of a deal. I still think it’s a 5 star accessory for the NEX cameras.



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