Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video Camera (Violet)

Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video Camera (Violet) – Product Description:

Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video CameraCapture HD MP4 video and 5MP images and upload them directly to the Web with the Sony® bloggie™ camera. The pocketable bloggie camera also features a unique swivel lens that rotates up to 270 degrees, making it easy to self-record a video clip.

Product Features :

  • 1920×1080 HD recording w/5MP still images
  • 2.4″ LCD3 (230k pixels) with full-screen playback
  • Built-in USB arm for upload/charge
  • Built-in PMB Portable software for easy upload to web
  • Convenient, 270 degree Rotating Lens System

Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video Camera (Violet) – Review:


When I received the Bloggie I was not expecting anything great and my assumption was based mostly on the reviews I read here on Amazon. Well, I have got to say, “I was blown away by this camera”! I really love it! I was attracted to the Bloggie for various reasons. It has a slide out USB connector, a rotating lens system which not only protects the lens but this feature also gives the user different angles for holding the camera. The Bloggie also uses the standard .MP4 file format which is a whole bunch easier to work with for uploading and storing on your PC. The Bloggie also uses a standard SDHC card or you can use Sony’s own memory stick. The Bloggie also has software built in so you can use it on any PC. The SDHC card you install can also function as a drive while it’s loaded in the camera. The Bloggie also gives the user the option of using it’s built in software to handle video files or you can simply use drag and drop file handling. If needed, file conversion from MP4 to FLV, WMV and other formats is a snap. The Bloggie’s actual video recording format is-(MP4 H-264 AAC). The Bloggie is extremely versatile in every way. Something worth noting, Sony has a much better reputation when it comes to customer and technical support and that was another deciding factor for me. The Bloggie comes supplied with a USB extension cable, video and audio cables, software, hand-strap, manuals and Li-on battery.

As much as I dislike doing comparison reviews, I thought doing so might be important for someone looking to buy a new camera. Anyway, In addition to the Bloggie I also purchased the new Kodak Playsport. In Retrospect, I rated the Kodak Playsport 5 stars two weeks before I received the Bloggie. In comparison to the Kodak the Bloggie is a far better camera. The Bloggie’s color rendition is richer and the video itself looks so much sharper than the Kodak. The Bloggie does not seem to have that annoying gelatin effect when you pan the camera wereas the Kodak gelatin effect is very pronounced. The battery in the Bloggie also lasts longer. I get about 1.5 hours recording time with the Kodak but the Bloggie has given me 6 hours thus far without a charge. I only purchased the Kodak to use outdoors during inclement weather. One of my hobbies is related to monitoring and recording severe storms and so the Kodak seemed fitting since it’s waterproof, other then that, I’ll be using the Bloggie full time. There are so many more reasons why I like the Bloggie, more-so than the Kodak but I’ll spare you the long read.

I’ve read one star reviews were folks have complained about the Bloggie’s audio being poor quality. Mine sounds great! I’ve also read one star reviews about folks not being able to see the display in bright sunlight, well I’ve never known of any product that can be viewed optimally in those conditions. There was another one star review concerning the software, it’s not the software! Boy-O-Boy, The Sony Bloggie deserves a better review, it’s just a great camera!

In a nutshell, I’ll be recommending the Bloggie to my friends and family. The uploaded video was hot in 720/60 and I then converted the .MP4 to an .FLV using a freeware program. I hope it helps.



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