SU-800 Wireless Speedlight

SU-800 Wireless Speedlight – Product Description:

SU-800 Wireless SpeedlightThe multi-functional Nikon SU-800 unit forms the nerve centre of any i-TTL multiple flash-lighting situation. Capable of metering and triggering groups of remote Speedlights in the Nikon Creative Lighting System, a one-touch switch fully automates accurate exposures of small subjects instantly. Manual adjustment of the balance of each units output is simple to control through the comprehensive LCD panel.

When using i-TTL compatible Nikon digital SLR cameras and Speedlight, user can divide the Speedlight units into three groups and control the flash output independently for each group Features a Commander function that can trigger wireless remote flash (SB-800, SB-600, or SB-R200) units without a master flash unit One-touch switching between close-up and Commander modes Two types of close-up operation: Dual-light close-up flash & Triple-light close-up flash.

Product Features :

  • Functions as a Wireless Commander for SB-R200, SB-800 and SB-600 Speedlights units
  • Supports the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) and compatible CLS cameras
  • Controls an unlimited number of Speedlights up to three groups
  • Offers 4 independent channels for competitive shooting environments
  • Provides wireless control up to 66 feet

SU-800 Wireless Speedlight – Review:


The SU-800 is lightweight and very easy to maneuver flash settings from. The range in outdoor sun light can be limiting due to the I/R signal. The cost compared to Radios Poppers, Pocket Wizards and other triggering devices is justifiable for what it does, you get TTL flash capability for about $250.00 and you don’t need a receiver for every flash like the other devices. You can control a host of units in 3 separate groups with 4 different channels The thing I really like about the SU800 is the fact it doesn’t emit a flash from the camera that contributes light to the exposure/subject. No cables are involved and it’s rather seamless on the camera hot shoe. The screen is easy to see and as I said it’s very easy to maneuver flash settings from while on your camera. All in all it’s a great device, is it perfect? No not really, it would be nice if it operated off of a Radio Frequency signal rather than a Infra-Red signal and allowed higher sync speed up to 1/8000 like the Radio Poppers do.
I’ve had very few misfires because I work through the obstacles and know the limitations of this unit, is it worth the money? Well….. I think it is:-)

The pluses:
It’s true TTL
it’s light weight
easy to adjust settings while on camera
doesn’t contribute to the exposure of your subject
you don’t need cables
doesn’t need a receiver like Pocket Wizards and other triggers

The minuses are:
you will need direct line of sight to your off camera flash units, SB600, SB800 or SB900.
Range is some what limited (you have to learn how to work around obstacles)
It’s doesn’t always fire.
I/R signal vs RF



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