Sunpak PF30XN Digital SLR Camera Dedicated i-TTL Flash for Nikon

Sunpak PF30XN Digital SLR Camera Dedicated i-TTL Flash for Nikon – Product Description:

Sunpak PF30XN Digital SLR Camera Dedicated i-TTL Flash for NikonSunpak’s Digital SLR Camera Dedicated TTL Flash Bounce head tilts 90- Degree vertically has i-TTL flash control and an illumination range up to 16 1/2′. Sunpak is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic flash equipment. It has earned a reputation for advanced technical achievement and superior quality. Sunpak electronic flashes are produced for professionals, advanced amateurs, enthusiasts, and casual photographers. They are designed to work with today’s auto focus cameras having dedicated flash capabilities. All Sunpak flash units offer advanced features, which provide the widest range of creative control. They are supported by a wide spectrum of system accessories, such as dedicated modules, filters, adapters, batteries and more.

Product Features :

  • Bounce head tilts 90º vertically
  • i-TTL flash control for Nikon
  • Illumination range from up to 16 1/2′

Sunpak PF30XN Digital SLR Camera Dedicated i-TTL Flash for Nikon – Review:


I’m a very enthusiast amateur hobbyist photographer and I used this on my Nikon D3000. I read all the time that everyone should get a flash, the on camera flash is never good enough; but of course i always thought my cameras look great(comparing to point and shoot). Over the last few months I’ve been looking for ways to take better pictures, i picked up a 35mm dx fast lens and it made a world of difference but while taking christmas pics I noticed there was never enough light so I decided to get a flash and after research settled on this one. let me tell you this flash is amazing; I uploaded the picture of my two year old that I took using this flash here so you can check it out yourself. that picture was taken with no lights on and one window partially open 15 feet away.

I have to say that I have read a bit about flashes prior to purchasing one and understanding guide numbers and how they are used, ttl, etc. I also looked at prices here on amazon, B&H and other random sites as comparisons and for the money I thought this flash was my best option and I was not disappointed. I have not seen any other flashes at this price or lower that performs as well as this flash.

As everyone said the one downside to the flash is the high charge time, however you can compensate for that with the proper batteries so after doing more research on the right batteries I bought Energizer Ultimate L91BP-4 Lithium AA Battery 4 Pack and it cut down the charge time to literally about 2 seconds.

this is a great flash and anyone looking for one in this price range should definitely look at this, being that Sunpak does have a history of making solid flashes plus the price point and performance I simply see it as a no-brainer for anyone in the market and on a budget. Before I ordered this one i added the SB600 to my wishlist hoping to buy it in a few months but I honestly don’t know if i’ll need to after using this one. That being said I don’t do paid events and I only shoot for myself, friends and family.



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