Sunpak Super 383 Flash

Sunpak Super 383 Flash – Product Description:

Sunpak Super 383 FlashPowerful flash used by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Features bounce/swivel head, 3 f/stop auto ranges, manual control with power ratio from full to 1/16, exposure OK lamp. Guide No. 120. Auto Range: 2.3-60 ft. Supplied with PC cord. Uses 4 AA batteries or external battery packs. Covers 35mm lens.

Product Features :

  • Features bounce/swivel head, 3 f/stop auto ranges, manual control with power ratio from full to 1/16, exposure OK lamp
  • Auto Range: 2.3–60 ft
  • Supplied with PC cord and uses 4 AA batteries or external battery packs
  • Covers 35mm lens
  • Guide No. 120

Sunpak Super 383 Flash – Review:


I bought this flash unit for my Fuji Finepix 602. Unfortunately, for digital camera owners, this flash will make your rig a little “top heavy”. However, if you want a decent flash unit, get used to it.

Nice thing about using an external flash is it has its own batteries, so your batteries in your camera will last longer. Also, the viewfinder doesn’t “black out” while the flash is recharging (which is good).

I use this flash in auto mode, and as a “fill flash”.

For fill flash, I just use my normal exposure settings on the camera, and put the flash on manual and either 1/16 power or 1/8 power (essentially adding one or two stops of light into the scene). The fill flash brings the subject out away from the background and gives the picture a nice contrasty look.

If its fairly dark, I just use the Auto setting. Basically, you can choose three apertures depending on the ISO setting your using. The Flash sync speed is 1/1000th of a second, so I just set my camera to manual, and set the speed to 1/1000. Then, depending on your ISO setting, the back of the flash will recommend which F stop to use, and how far the light will throw.

I usually use 1/1000th of a second, F2.8, ISO 200, which gives me about 60 feet of coverage. I can also use the F5.6 setting for medium distance settings, and F11 setting for “intimate” flash settings where the subject is close.

All in all, this is a very usable flash at a very reasonable price. I get about 80 shots out of a set of four NimH 2300mah rechargeables before the flash starts losing power a little, however I have taken well over 130 shots out of this flash using one set and still got some juice out of it.

The flash has a swiveling head which is cool for “bouncing”. You can point the flash at the ceiling, set it on manual, the work out the right power to light the room. Bounced flash looks so cool, like a magazine picture.

I’m giving you, the potential flash buyer, lots of info about how to use this flash. Although the manual is pretty good with the product, it really doesn’t do justice to the complexity of understanding light, exposure, and how flash fits into the picture (mind the pun).

Probably why so many people avoid using a flash, when it is really an invaluable tool.

Take your photography to the next level and get the Sunpak, its short money for the difference it will make in your photography.



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