Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera

Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera – Product Description:

Tachyon OPS HD Helmet CameraThe Tachyon OPS HD is the latest helmet camera from Tachyon, Inc., makers of the world’s toughest helmet cameras. The Tachyon OPS HD’s patented, shock proof design ensures that users can record in the extreme situations without worrying about their camera. The OPS HD features incredible lightness, strength and a wide field of view. The OPS HD’s condensed size combined with its one-button operation and plug-and-play connectivity makes it the ideal helmet camera for the adventure enthusiast. Designed for filming HD action in extreme conditions, the OPS HD comes with mounts for connecting to helmets, goggles, tripods, caps and jackets.

Product Features :

  • HD 720p Video at 30 FPS
  • 4+ Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Accepts 4 GB to 32 GB MicroSDHC Cards
  • 125 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Lightweight Miniature Helmet Camera

Tachyon OPS HD Helmet Camera – Review:


First impressions: The first thing I thought as I opened the box and held it in my hand was how small it is, the second was how well made it is. My intent for the camera was to use it as a gun cam — mounted on my hunting rifle. I’ve used 3 other cameras for this purpose in the last year, and of the 4 cameras, the Tachyon camera is by far the smallest (roughly 1/3 the size of the second smallest), and most well built. Of the previous 3 cameras, one felt like it was made in the Soviet era 80s, the other just felt flat out cheap, and the 3rd was pretty decent, but not as well made as this.

Further observations: It struck me that the major difference between the 4 cameras, the other 3 cameras were made around the parts — i.e. the developers had the parts, and kind of made the camera around those parts. The Tachyon camera feels like it was specifically engineered for a task, and those parts were designed to fit inside the parameters of that task. For example, the controls. On all three of the other cameras, as they are mounted on a rifle, you have to tip the rifle to a 90 degree angle from yourself, so that you can see the controls. With the Tachyon, you can access the controls with the rifle pointed on target. A second on/record button placed on the side gives you a second choice for operation if the first is blocked by it’s placement on the rifle. Another point — the other 3 cameras take a series of steps to record. 1. Turn on the camera. 2. Wait several second for it to power up. 3. Hit record. With the Tachyon, you press one button and it powers on and almost instantaneously starts recording. One button, one press. That’s a nice feature.

Audio/Video: Of the previous 3 cameras I have used, one had terrible video and audio. The audio was covered up by the constant whir of the camera, is if it were a 1930s movie projector. The other had adequate video and audio. The third had very good video and audio. The Tachyon Ops HD is equal to the the third camera, in that it has very good video and audio, but I remind you, it’s only 1/3 the size. The Tachyon is 1280×720 resolution, as is the other camera. Outside and in sunlight, the video is very good. Inside, or in low light, the Tachyon suffers from the same problem I’ve found inherent with every compact video camera I’ve used — it tends to get a bit grainy. As I said, this isn’t anything specific to the Tachyon, but with every compact camera I’ve used. Even my full size 1080p Canon video camera that I use for home video will get grainy as it gets darker.

Accessories: The Tachyon comes with a plastic impact armor and 3 mounts — Clip mount, Contour mount (for helmets), and a tripod mount. Also, I got the gun mount accessory pack. IT comes with a picatinny rail mount, a rifle rail mount, and 3 shotgun & scope rail mounts. The picatinny rail mount is an almost fully enclosed all-metal case that the Ops HD camera fits in. It protects the camera, and allows it to mount to any picatinny rail. It also lets you mount the camera in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position on your firearm, which is a HUGE feature. The other 3 cameras have very limited mounting options. This one is very flexible. Three things that I would like to see with the mounts: 1. extra shims for the rifle rail mount, so that it will mount to rifles with different sized accessory stubs. 2. a bayonet lug mount for the AR rifle. 3. A mount for the Mil-spec barrel of an AR.

The Con: There was only 1 negative that I can say about the Tachyon Ops HD — and this is being addressed by the engineers as I write this, with a possible firmware upgrade. When you power the camera on, there is a fairly loud chime. Not a big deal for some applications, but it becomes a bigger deal for the hunter and for Law Enforcement/Military applications. In quiet conditions, the chime is quite audible from a considerable distance away. For the hunter this will get you busted by game, and for law enforcement/military, it could give away your presence.

Overall grade: Overall I give the Ops HD an A/A-, once the chime issue is addressed. The small size and usability of it are just outstanding. This camera wasn’t just someone putting together a half thought out camera just to get something on the market. This was a well engineered piece of gear that feels like it was designed BY users, FOR users. For the specific purpose of a gun camera, if I were grading this camera on a curve, in relation to the other cameras on the market, I would give it an A+, 10 out of 10 (once the chime issue is fixed.) It’s a definite, “recommend buy,” as I would say this is the best gun mount camera on the market. And at this price, I believe it is a bargain.



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