Vivitar DF383 Digital TTL Shoe Mount Power Zoom

Vivitar DF383 Digital TTL Shoe Mount Power Zoom /Swivel /Bounce Auto-Focus Flash for Canon TTL, Guide Number 45m (147′) – Product Description:

Vivitar DF383 Digital TTL Shoe Mount Power Zoom Vivitar DF-383 Digital TTL Bounce Zoom Swivel Flash (Canon)

Product Features :

  • Red Eye Reduction ♦ Autofocus/TTL Metering
  • Auto Zoom and Manual Zoom Flash Head from 24/28/35/50/70/85mm ♦ DSLR Autofocus
  • Assist Focus Beam in Low Light Conditions ♦ Illuminated LCD Display
  • Guide Number 45m at 85mm Position ♦ Built-in Reflecting Plate and Diffuser
  • Swivel Bounce Zoom Head — Horizontal Swivel Angle: 0°- 270° — Vertical Bounce Angle: 0°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°

Vivitar DF383 Digital TTL Shoe Mount Power Zoom – Review:


I purchased this unit to use with my Canon EOS XSi. I have used it for about two months without a single problem. The unit has the ability to swivel the flash head to the ceiling when you are taking horizontal photos and vertical photos. This feature is especially useful when taking a portrait very close to your subject since you can use the bounce flash. Another useful feature is that the flash has a retractable diffuser and white reflector for bounce flash. You can use the diffuser only or both the diffuser and the reflector. The camera integrates seamlessly with the Canon camera but you have to be careful to understand how the flash and the camera work together. For example if you set the camera to shutter priority (Tv setting) you must understand that the Canon camera will treat the flash as a fill flash for your scene. One excellent feature of this flash is the fact that you can set it as a slave. I have a point and shoot camera that has limited flash range. However if you use this flash on slave mode, you have the power (Flux) to use bounce flash with your point and shoot camera. All you have to do is hold the flash with one arm and shoot with the camera with the other. With respect to power consumption, I shot about 400 flash photos with one set of Kodak Alkaline batteries. I also have used rechargeable batteries with no problems.



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