Watch Camera – 720p HD Video Recording Capability

Watch Camera – 720p HD Video Recording Capability. Stylish Chrome Finishing. 4gb Internal Memory. Your Perfect Spy Watch. Video Recordings Only. With genuine SPHERE logo imprint – Product Description:

Watch CameraSphere Techs brings you the perfect watch camera you’ve been waiting for. Unlike other watch cameras, this spy watch records in true HD (non-interpolated) resolution of 1280x720P pixels. Frame rate is an astonishingly smooth 30FPS which puts the quality on par with conventional HD cameras. With the press of a button, you can switch to ‘Still Image Capture’ mode and capture HD-quality 4032 x 3024 pixel pictures without anyone noticing. 4GB of internal flash disk capacity allows you to record up to 75 minutes of video footage or take over of 4000 HD still images. Powered by an advanced Micron internal chipset, file transfers of videos and images are easier than ever. Clear and concise instructions manual will guide you on every little uncertainty you may have. Perfect hidden camera for sales people, lawyers, legal enforcers, covert surveillance, parties, spy games, internet fun, spy shopping, pranks and more! Fully compatible with PCs and MACs. Can be played back on all the popular video playing software formats including Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, VLC, WinDVD and PowerDVD. You can upload your ‘mysterious’ video footage on to Youtube, Facebook, blogs and more! Beware of cheap knock-offs. This HD watch is built at triple QC standards. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. —In the interest to protect your legal liability, audio recording feature has been deliberately removed in this model. Consequently, this product complies with 18 U.S.C. § 2512 (criminal procedure: wiretapping law) making this the first and only LEGAL surveillance spy watch in the market today.

Product Features :

  • Stylish Chrome Finishing. 4gb Internal Memory. Your Perfect Spy Watch. Video Recordings Only. With genuine SPHERE logo imprint.True 1280x720P HD ultra-high resolution video quality. Not interpolated resolution.

Watch Camera – 720p HD Video Recording Capability – Review:


I purchased the HDfox watch a few months ago for the purposes of shooting a short film. This camera is not the obvious choice for shooting a film, as it has no viewfinder or manual settings. You pretty much get what you get, in terms of the image and settings. That said, once you figure out the best conditions in which to shoot, you can do a lot of amazing things. Also, because the watch is so small (and undetectable), you can get pretty creative in where and how you shoot.

The best part of this camera, in my opinion, is the unique quality of the images it produces. I’m not sure of all the technical details, but to many people, including filmmakers and film students, the images I was able to capture with this camera look almost indistinguishable from 8mm or old 16mm film stock. I’ve included some sample footage from my film so you can judge for yourself. Of course, these images are compressed and on you computer screen. The true test is to see these images projected. I had the opportunity to see this recently at a public screening of my film, and the images hold up!



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