Zeikos ZE-NBG90 Battery Power Grip for Nikon D80 & D90

Zeikos ZE-NBG90 Battery Power Grip for Nikon D80 & D90 – Product Description:

Zeikos ZE-NBG90 Battery Power GripThe Zeikos Power grip for the Nikon D90/D80 is the perfect solution for doubling your shooting time. It holds either 2 BP511 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable batteries or 6 AA batteries. It has a vertical firing release with a lock and dramatically improves stability. It has a 1 year warranty.

Product Features :

  • Professional high quality battery grip for Nikon D90 & D80
  • Effectively doubling your shooting time
  • Holds 2 EN-EL3E Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • AA Cartridge Plate Holds 6AA Batteries
  • Vertical firing release with lock

Zeikos ZE-NBG90 Battery Power Grip for Nikon D80 & D90 – Review:



So I took a chance on this one – thanks to the other good review, and I’m glad I did. The box it came in looks a bit dated and I was scared to open it. However once I did I was happy with the quality. I’m used to Nikon grips – so this is definitely lighter and less ‘heavy duty’ feeling (as all Canon gear is). However testing it out feels solid and I’m actually appreciating the lightweight of canon gear after I add all my accessories and spend all day with it.

So! I’ve shot three shoots with it – one an all day 13 hour event – outside, inside, dirty trains – steadicam mounted, monopod mounted, shoulderbrace mounted and plain hand-gripped and this performed flawlessly. It REALLY makes the camera much more useable as well I should mention – it’s one of those must haves. I compared it with my friend’s actual canon grip and the only difference I noticed was his has the rubber grip along the battery compartment back as well as the front.

That’s a hugely minor thing tho – and other than that you really can’t tell the difference. Solid-wise – usefulness-wise – etc. – it’s the same. So I’d say based on a few days of solid use out of it i’m impressed.

Hope that helps!



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