Olympus ED 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6 micro Four Thirds Lens

Olympus ED 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6 micro Four Thirds Lens- Product Description:

Olympus ED 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6 micro Four Thirds LensThe M. Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 (35mm equivalent 28-300mm) lens is designed to maximize the performance advantages of the Micro Four Thirds System, and it’s significantly lighter and more compact–easily fitting in a jacket pocket.

The new lenses, made with ED (extra-low dispersion) glass for superior image quality, complement the design of the PEN® cameras, including the powerfully simple E-PL1, also announced today, making it the all-in-one package for consumers with any skill level, including those who are new to photography.

The Micro Four Thirds System standard meets the telecentric requirements of dedicated digital design. Light rays strike the imaging element nearly head-on for optimum edge-to-edge image reproduction. It also enables much more compact design than the Four Thirds System standard (or other interchangeable lens systems) because it reduces the outer diameter of the lens mount by 6mm, and the distance from the lens mount to the sensor (the flange back distance) by approximately half. As a result, M. Zuiko Digital Micro Four Thirds System lenses offer uncompromising professional quality for capturing both still-images and High-Definition (HD) videos, and the lenses are exceptionally compact to make capturing your life more fun.

Product Features :

  • High-power wide-angle M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 zoom lens; 35mm equivalent 28-300mm
  • ED (extra-low dispersion) glass for superior image quality
  • 100 percent angle of view
  • Lightweight design; ideal for everything from portraits and indoor scenes to sports and landscape photography
  • Designed to maximize the performance advantages of the Micro Four Thirds System

Olympus ED 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6 micro Four Thirds Lens – Customer Review:


1. I recently purchased this lens for my EP-1 and will put forth some observations about this lens.
* Size: As most reviews of this lens have noted, it’s obviously longer than the 14-42mm Olympus kit lens. However, the “how much longer” is only truly appreciated when you mount it on you camera; when you do so, you’ll think silently “… hum, this is a bit longer than I thought it would be.” But depending on your expectations / purposes for this lens, it may or may not matter. For myself, I knew ahead of time that this lens was going to be overtly longer than the kit lens and thus I was prepared for it. Furthermore, since the 14-42mm kit lens, although smaller, is not a very compact lens like the 17mm pancake, the EP-1 with the 14-42mm is never going to be a combo where I’m going to be able to put it in my large pockets etc… Thus, I would need to carry the EP-1 + 14-42mm in a case etc… If that’s the case (and it is with me), having the EP-1 with the 14-150mm is no big deal because it’s still compact enough to still fit in my case and it’s certainly light weight.

* Build Quality: basically… decent enough–> translation–> overt plastics. Olympus is trying to keep costs down so as to attract as many folks into the micro 4/3 camp. However at some point, please–> make some lens that don’t feel like a semi-toy. With that being said, the optics are good and in the end–> it’s all about the pictures.

* Focus: One of the biggest reasons I transitioned to this lens from the kit 14-42mm was the annoying way the kit lens had to refocus each time and the in / out movements it had to go through. Everytime I would use the kit lens, it made me feel like I was using some first generation autofocus lens from the 1980s. This lens, although not lightening fast, definitely focuses smoother and quicker than the 14-42mm, which may not be saying much to some folks, but bottomline, it focuses quicker, quieter and “better” for whatever that means. If you have the new 9-18mm micro 4/3 lens, it focuses like that lens.

* Image quality: very good. As with all of the Olympus lens thus far (in the micro 4/3 line), this lens gives clear, sharp, nicely rendered color images etc… I won’t and can’t go into a technical analysis of the lens, but in general, when viewing the images taken with the camera, most will be very happy with the results. No surprises here.

* Speed: As everyone knows, you can’t have everything in life. If you want a faster lens, you’re going to end up with a bigger lens… and a more expensive lens… or a lens with a smaller focal length range (which is what I would argue for). I along with everyone else would have liked a faster lens, but this is basically a consumer grade all in one, does everything lens and thus f4 is in line with this kind of product.

2. In summary, this is a very good lens for all Olympus micro 4/3 users who understand and accept the limitations of this lens. Now as wish list to Olympus: please come out with some quality (optically and build quality) lens, esp prime lens.



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