60 Photographers Capture Images to Celebrate 60 Years of Tamron

60 Photographers Capture ImagesThe folks over at Tamron are psyched about their 60 year history. They’ve already created a 60th anniversary lens to celebrate the milestone, but they’re not stopping there.

Tamron has gathered together 60 photographers to capture an image that they feel represents “Eternity in a Moment.” All 60 photographers will be using the 60th anniversary 18-270mm Di II VC PZD lens and photographs will be released gradually between now and September 20th.

The concept “Eternity in a Moment” is something that Tamron explains with some nice flowery language. ” The captured ‘moment’ is a glimpse of the ‘eternity’ it evokes… The photographer’s eye that is focused on the ephemeral–what does it tell us?”

The site is live now at Tamron60.com



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