90 Percent of Camera Users Share Their Images

90 Percent of Camera Users Share Their ImagesStudies come out regularly to gauge the market and identify the current trends. They tell us when people are buying more of one type of camera or when a certain price point just isn’t working, but it’s usually best to take them with a grain of salt.

The research to come out of Futuresource Consulting recently is definitely not to be taken lightly. It suggests that around 90 percent of camera users share their photos. That means that nearly everyone who owns a camera puts their pictures online.

It’s a surprising revelation and one that will almost certainly help to inspire camera makers in the future. It seems natural that with sharing so essential we’ll start to see the ability built right in to our cameras – whether through 3G or Wi-Fi. In fact, many manufactures have already started to include this functionality, with direct upload options to social sites like FaceBookTwitter, and YouTube, using Wi-Fi or auto uploading once you plug the camera into your PC or Mac.



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