Baptised Nikon 990 Now a “Magic Camera”

It takes the darnedest pictures. Sometimes it creates pastel auras or adds symmetrical streaks to the color of rainbows.

Baptised Nikon 990 Now a "Magic Camera"The Lawrence Journal-World has posted a very interesting story about a fellow digi-photographer who accidentally baptised his Nikon 990 in a New Mexico pond. After three days of being dried by blasts of canned air, baking in the August sun and then spending two days being tied to the windsield wiper of his car — the trusty Nikon began taking pictures again — but not the expected kind of pictures. Now it turns every photograph into a digital work of art such as the picture posted here.

Be sure to follow the link above and read the entire article and then visit Bruce Dale’s Web site and click on the photo of Dale with a bear sitting on his back. Then go to the upper left corner of the next page and click on “New!! Mr. Eaves and his Magic Camera”



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