Calluna Introduces New 260MB Type II PC Card Hard Drives

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ — CeBIT’99 will see the launch of the world’s first 260MB Type II PC Card hard disk drive. At only 5mm, the disk drive is less than half the thickness of all previous disk drives from Calluna. The launch of the new Callunacard(TM) will provide the best value solution for storage in mobile and transportable applications in the market place. Visitors to CeBIT will be able to see the memory card in action on the RFI stand, No F32, in Hall No 6.

The Type II Callunacard has been developed from the recently launched 1GB Type III Callunacard. The Type II card uses identical magnetic recording technology incorporating the same recording head and the same disk as the Type III. A new mechanical and electronics design enables 260MB of data to be stored on just one disk using one head within a format just larger than a credit card.

Production of the new Type II 260MB PC Card will begin within the next three months and it will be available at a MSRP of from resellers and retail outlets in April. In addition, with the demand increasing for higher capacity storage from mobile devices, Calluna plans further developments for this exciting new technology, and is already looking at increasing capacity in the same Type II format.



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