Delkin Releases the Fastest USH-I SD Card Ever

Delkin Releases the Fastest USH-I SD Card EverIt’s hard to believe how far we’ve come when it comes to memory. Every time there’s a significant increase in storage or speed it seems like that’s all we’ll ever need, but then photos and video advance to keep pace.

The latest release from Delkin comes in at a blisteringly fast 633X speed. It can record at up to 45 megabytes per second and read at up to 95. That’s enough to allow HD video recording without any pauses along the way.

“Standard SD memory cards are more than fast enough for typical applications but not nearly fast enough to keep up with the large amount of data that HD video requires,” says Anna Lopez, marketing manager for Delkin. She adds that the new 64GB card is perfect for shooting video clips or feature films.

The card is available now from specialty video and photo retailers at a price of $539.



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