Fat Gecko Quick Release Lets You Swap Cameras in an Instant

Fat Gecko Quick Release Lets You Swap Cameras in an InstantMost of the time, a single camera will do. When the situation calls for quick switches though, you need to be ready to swap cameras with as little downtime as possible. That’s the idea behind the Fat Gecko Quick Release from Delkin.

“Our Fat Gecko Mounts are being utilized across so many markets to capture unique shots and video footage that were otherwise unattainable in non-traditional environments such as action sports, racing, aviation and even feature films,” says Delkin’s Anna Lopez. “Saving time during a shoot can equal substantial cost savings in industries such as cinematography where every second counts. Besides the cost and time savings in professional markets, the Quick Release provides the convenience of quick attachment, detachment and precise leveling to the everyday shooter.”

The quick release itself comes in at a price of $39 and will be available on July 11th. Additional top plates run $19 – installing one on each camera means nice fast switching.



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