Former Yahoo Engineer Working on Flickr Killer

Former Yahoo Engineer Working on Flickr KillerNo matter what photo sharing service you use online, there’s one frustrating element that unites them all. Your photos need to be uploaded to the same site you want to share from. It may not sound like much, but switching services or uploading from your PC can be a time consuming pain.

Jaisen Mathai, who formerly worked at Yahoo, has decided to do something about it. He’s working on a new site called Open Photo that would take photos that you have scattered across the net and unify them on one site. Even better, it would store your photos on your own personal cloud storage account, meaning that even if the service shuts down you’ll have your tags, photos and comments.

Check out the KickStarter page for more information and a great video detailing just what Open Photo will do. Those that donate $500 or more will even be able to pitch ideas about what else the project should do.



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