Ilford and Canon Team to Offer You a Free Photo Print

Ilford and Canon Team to Offer You a Free Photo PrintHigher end photo printers can be a hard sell for folks. Obviously, they’re made specifically for the task, but convincing a casual photographer or even an enthusiast to shell out $500 for a printer when the local big box store has photo printers for $100 is a challenge.

Canon’s latest idea to help promote their costlier printers is to allow people to see the results for themselves. For a limited time, you can submit a picture to Canon and they’ll print it out for you on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper and send it on over to you for free. You don’t even pay the shipping.

“Canon USA has long been a great partner for us here at Ilford and we look forward to helping photographers produce superb photographic prints through this new campaign,” says Ilford president Tim Maher. ” I’m confident that the prints they receive on our Galerie media, produced on the latest Canon professional inkjet printers, will really blow them away.”

You can find out more and arrange to have your own photo printed at Try My Photo.



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