Nik Cuts Viveza 2 Price in Half

Nik Cuts Viveza 2 Price in HalfThere’s a bit of photography advice that seems to be standard no matter who you talk to. The most important part of taking a great picture isn’t your camera or getting the perfect composition or having the best models – it’s having the right light.

Of course, you won’t always be able to get the lighting perfect on the spot. Sometimes you need to do some editing afterwards to perfect the image, and that’s where Viveza 2 comes in. It’s an editing program focused on simple and precise manipulation of light and color.

Now, for a limited time, you’re able to get your hands on Viveza 2 for less than half of the normal price. Instead of the usual $199, you’ll pay just $99 – the same price as those upgrading the program from a previous edition.

If you’re not sure if Viveza 2 is for you or you just want to play around before you make a purchase, check out the 15 day free trial.



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