Nikon Customers are Willing to Spend More – Samsung Customers Shoot for Style

What’s in a name? When it comes to digital cameras, it turns out the answer to that age old question is “money.”

Market Insight Corporation has revealed their results of a study involving over 26,000 people shopping for digital cameras. Of those people, those who reported a preference for Nikon were also willing to spend more on a digital camera than others. Canon was the second in this category.

Samsung customers were not among the top spending, but they definitely have other uniting features. They tend to veer towards point-and-shoot cameras that they plan to use with their various social media services. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Samsung fans are drawn to sleek, stylish designs.

Across all brands there was a shift towards cameras that cost over $600, indicating a strong interest in DSLRs.

(via DPReview)



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