Oil Sheik Permanently “Watermarks” Photos of His Property

Oil Sheik Permanently "Watermarks" Photos of His PropertyWatermarking is always an issue for photographers that want to make sure their work isn’t stolen or misused, but what if you don’t want your personal property photographed without your consent?

Billionaire Oil Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan has a solution. Simply have imported laborers carve a two mile long, half mile high canal in the shape of your name. No, this isn’t a joke – he’s really done it. Obviously, it wasn’t cheap and it’s not what you’d call traditional, but you’ve got to give him ten out of ten for style.

Look on the right hand side of the photo and you’ll see it clearly. The H, the A and part of the M are water filled and the rest of the name is still dry. We can’t help but wonder what he’s planning to do with a channel in the shape of his name. Probably something to do with solid gold boats or his hundreds of luxury cars.

(via PetaPixel)



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