Photocrati Fund 2012 Offers a $5,000 GrantPhotocrati Fund 2012 Offers a $5,000 Grant

Photocrati Fund 2012 Offers a $5,000 Grant Photocrati Fund 2012 Offers a $5,000 GrantThe Photocrati Fund is more than a way to help support photographers that show a great deal of skill. It’s aimed to reward those that engage in humanitarian and environmental efforts, or as the fund itself puts it, those involved in “projects that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world.”

The Photocrati Fund is a rare opportunity for a photographer to gain upfront funding for an important project,” says Photocrati CEO Erick Danzer. “We want to support photographers who are making a difference in the world.”
What Danzer means is that this is not a prize awarded for the best photograph, but for whoever presents the best proposal. That person will then receive funding for their month-long project, which will be displayed on along with a photo essay.
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