Ricoh Buys Pentax – Aims for DSLR Market

Ricoh Buys Pentax - Aims for DSLR MarketIt’s always a bit strange to think of an entire company being bought up by another, but that’s just what’s happened with Pentax. The long established camera company will be bought up by Ricoh, with the deal expected to finalize in October.


Hoya, who currently owns Pentax, is said to be receiving 10 billion Japanese Yen, or around $124 million for the company.


Ricoh’s main interest in Pentax seems to be an expansion of their own camera division. Currently, Ricoh doesn’t make any DSLRs, instead focusing on point-and-shoots. Acquiring Pentax means an easy entry into the DSLR market.


At this time, Pentax says that everything will continue as normal. No employees will be laid off, no organizational changes will be made and all current Pentax products will be produced and supported as normal.



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