Sigma Announces SD1 Compensation Plan and New Firmware

Sigma Announces SD1 Compensation Plan and New FirmwareThe Sigma SD1 is a slick camera, but it came out on the market at far too high a price. Sigma knows they screwed up on that one and released the SD1 Merril at a much more affordable cost to consumers. Early adopting SD1 owners that paid the original asking price for the camera may be feeling hurt, but Sigma has announced a compensation program for them.

US based customers will be getting 40 points that they can spend on Sigma products – since the Japanese press release specifies 400,000 yen, we’re assuming that Americans get around the same value – $4,800. That’s a really nice savings in new gear and should net you a bevy of accessories for your SD1.

To register your camera with the program, contact Christine Moossmann at or by calling (631) 227-2017.

SD1 owners will also be happy to see a brand new firmware update that improves the camera’s autofocus capabilities, the accuracy of evaluative metering and some smaller bug fixes to boot. You can download the firmware directly from Sigma.



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