Silver Shadows 2, Black and White Toolkit for Lightroom now available

Silver-Shadows-2It’s funny the way some programs get updated. They’ll get yearly installments or sometimes even quicker than that. Silver Shadows 2 comes out four years after the original, and Seim Effects owner Gavin Seim says that you can expect some big changes.

“Version 1 was powerful,” says Seim, “but it’s nothing compared to the delicate hand-chiseled granite that makes up Silver Shadows 2. Photographers are going to love what it can do.” He says that the goal in creating the program was to create a complete tool kit for silver conversion that works nicely for photographers of all levels.

The entire process takes place within Lightroom, which is a nice touch for keeping your workflow consistent. You can mix and match effects, batch process and tweak to your heart’s content.

Silver Shadows 2 is available now for $45. After November 30th, the price kicks up to $54. You can even download a free sampler pack if you’re inclined.



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