Sony Cuts Prices on ‘Memory Stick’

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) – Sony Corp. said on Wednesday that it cut prices on its proprietary flash memory format, which will bring its pricing closer in line with competing standards.

Sony Memory Stick

Sony’s chewing-gum shaped “Memory Stick” now runs from .95 for the 8-megabyte stick to .95 for the 128-megabyte stick. The larger stick had previously sold for as much as .

The sticks can be swapped among other Sony products, including digital cameras, laptop computers and handheld devices and used as a way to share files.

The Japanese electronics giant has promoted the Memory Stick as a way to win consumer loyalty for its wide-ranging products. The price cut announced on Wednesday comes after a sharp decline in flash memory prices and narrowed the gap between its offering and those of competitors.

By comparison, a 128-megabyte card in the leading competing format, Compact Flash, which is more widely supported in similar electronic devices, retails online for between to .95.

Sony also cut prices for its Magic Gate Memory Sticks, which contain an embedded chip that protects digitally secured and copyrighted material. The high-end 128 megabyte Magic Gate stick will now sell for .95, the company said.



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