Zacuto Indie Kit is a Rig Designed Just for Independent Filmmakers

Zacuto Indie Kit is a Rig Designed Just for Independent FilmmakersIndie films vary greatly from project to project, just as big budget Hollywood pictures do. Maybe even more, since they tend to explore styles and topics that mainstream pictures would never touch. One of the defining characteristics of an indie film and something that binds them all together is the need for great gear at reasonable prices. After all, there’s only so much room in what’s usually a very limited budget.

The latest from Zacuto tailors to those specific needs. The Indie Kit V2 is a shoulder mounted rig that’s designed to fit a digital video camera or, with the help of the Z-spacer, a DSLR. Unlike the original Indie Kit, the V2 offers a cheese plate that lets you mount whatever you like to the back of the rig.

“The great thing is that this kit can be converted for use with our EVF if desired,” says Jens Bogehegn, Zacuto’s pdouct designer. “This rig is the perfect balancing device for making your camera feel, look and act more like a traditional professional camera.”

You can pick up the new rig from Zacuto or from an authorized dealer.



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