Five Photography Gadgets For Every Situation

As a photographer, you’re undoubtedly always looking for the new best way to take a certain photo. You might see something that inspires you or have an idea that you would love to document but have no idea how. Or perhaps you’re simply out and about and direly regretting not being able to capture and keep the moment right there and then. Whatever situation you’re in, we’ve got some gadgets that you are bound to love.

Gyroscope cameras

Do you want to record something exhilarating but are scared of the inevitable shakeycam?  Well, fear no longer. Gyroscopes are being used in all sorts of technology, from virtual reality headsets to navigational robots. For us, however, we’re glad to see a camcorder finally mounted on one of these bad boys. The DJI Osmo allows you to move as much as you would like without worrying about sacrificing the smoothness of the image you capture.

Gadgets For Photography 2


Drones have absolutely exploded over the past year and for good reason. They are tremendously fun. However, they’re also fantastic for getting a whole new range of shots. Not only do they offer the kind of aerial visuals we’ve been wanting to capture anytime we go somewhere new. A camera drone can manoeuvre into all kinds of spaces that we’re less able to, opening up angles you might not even have considered before.

Gadgets For Photography 3

Telephoto extenders

With one of these bad boys, take the kind of pictures that you used to have to get up close and personal for. Telephoto extenders give you the kind of visual fidelity of getting right up in the subject’s face but from a distance. This is perfect for anyone who’s interested in taking wildlife photography but can never seem to quite get the distance. Now you can just sit back, relax and document without worry about spooking anything too wild.

Gadgets For Photography 4

The right camera strap

If you haven’t got a proper strap for your camera yet, you’re not taking photography seriously enough. These are a must have for anyone who takes their camera on the move. Camera straps are something photographers use subconsciously. Because of that, they’re one of the less considered choices of accessory. Ease of access and security is a must, but beyond that there are loads of different choices. See which one fits your preferred kind of photography and get out there.

Gadgets For Photography 5

Instant printing cameras

For when you’re on the move and you want to make instant memories. The Polaroid Snap has brought the brand right back into the foreground. It’s also revitalized the practice of instantly printing your photos off. The Snap+ is poised to only continue the trend, having been announced at CES last month. It’s set to release some time this year and we’re very much looking forward to getting our hands on it.

No matter what kind of photography you’re trying to achieve, the power of the right accessory is never to be underestimated. Keep an eye on our blog and see if the next gadget we take a look at could up your game.



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