How to Find New Moments to Capture

Finding Great New Moments To Capture

Nothing quite compares to that feeling that you get when you experience a new setting for the first time. You are overcome with the magic of the moment. However, there is the reality that you’ll never get to experience that feeling again. That moment is beautiful, but it’s fleeting. That’s why trying to capture and preserve it is of utmost importance. So many people choose to photograph these moments to help them live long in the memory.

At some point, though, those new locations become few and far between. You’re left with a bunch of destinations that you’ve already visited, saw, and photographed. Your scrapbook is filled with quality high definition photos of your exploits. In fact, Ridgemont Outfitters has advice for any would-be photographer about capturing quality pictures. So, how do you go about finding new places to visit that you’ve never seen before?

  1. Apps

You’ve probably heard the phrase “there’s an app for that” by now. It’s almost become something of a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less true. In truth, you can scour the Google Play Store for an app that fits just about any occasion. The same is true of unearthing potential new photo hotspots that you may never have discovered before. It works in a similar way to Google Earth but alerts you to nearby photo opportunities. And you don’t need to question the validity, either, as it uses data from Flickr to see how popular it is amongst other photographers.

  1. Breathe New Life Into Old Shots

As a photography enthusiast, you’ve probably been made well aware of the fact that any location can be new to the camera. Indeed, even your own backyard or that old shelving unit can be captured in a new and innovative way. Photography really is a wonderful way of adding shine to things that we’ve taken for granted. It gives them a new lease of life. However, just because you’ve photographed a location before doesn’t mean you can’t do it again with a totally new angle. Try to gain a different perspective of the area. Picture it from the other side of the mountain. Visit at sunrise. See how different it looks under the stars. There is plenty of opportunities to capture old settings in a new light.

  1. Get Out There And Explore

How about doing things the old fashioned way? Before smartphones came along, people just had to use their initiative. How about one weekend you dedicate the time to just jumping in your car and seeing where you end up? Take turns that you’ve never taken before. Find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere. Because in that there is a sense of beauty, that you can find new undiscovered locations. And then you can get back that magic feeling of experiencing something for the first time again. Go out and explore places you’ve never been to before. You may just find that there’s a place you didn’t know about that gives you that perfect photo finish.



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