How to Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

All wedding photos are beautiful; after all, they document a very special day for two people in love. However, some of them can look a little boring in comparison to others. If you want your wedding album to make a serious impact, use these tips to help the pictures stand out:

Plan the Shots You Want Beforehand

Plan the shots you want beforehand rather than just seeing what happens on the day. You don’t have to meticulously plan every shot, as sometimes, the random shots can be the best. However, you do want to make sure you get all of the wedding party together, and pictures of you with the most special people to you. Ask your photographer lots of questions to ensure that they’re on the same page as you.

Pick a Good Photographer

A good photographer will obviously help you to make your wedding pictures stand out. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to pick a photographer who specialises in the style you like best. There are a ton of different wedding photo styles, from traditional to candid. To get an idea of the different styles you could choose from, check out sites like The best photographers won’t need you to pose much at all – they’ll simply preempt when a big moment is coming up and snap away. Take a look at a photographer’s portfolio to make sure they capture the most important shots on the day.

Do Something Different

Do something different with your wedding photos. There are so many things you can do, but a trend that’s really taking off is called ‘wreck the dress’. Think about it: you’re probably never going to wear this dress again. It’ll hang in your wardrobe for years. You might aswell get some amazing pictures out of it! How will you wreck your dress? You could go swimming in the sea, or have paint thrown all over you – whatever takes your fancy!

Use Unusual Props

Unusual props can make your pictures stand out. Using balloons, for instance, can add so much fun and colour to your wedding photos! You could even stand by an old vintage car/camper van to add character to your shots. Whatever you think will look interesting and suits your personality!

Wedding Photo Shoot

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Relax and Have Fun

You really want to relax and have fun if you want your wedding pictures to turn out the best way they possibly can. Try not to stress, and just go with it. Show that you’re having an amazing time and you’ll avoid looking stiff or forced in any of the pictures.

By having the best time on your wedding day and taking the time to relax when you need to, your wedding photos will automatically stand out. Relaxed wedding pictures look so much better than forced pictures that are too ‘posed’. Have fun with the pictures and you’ll be glad you did in 5,10 and 20 years time!

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